Gelg Bolm is a plant-like monster with thorny tentacles serving as legs with a vulnerable, flower-like plant in the center of its armored plates as its weak point. It is battled in Forlock when Klonoa comes to rescue Granny. When it is about to attack, Gelg Bolm will make a sound that is similar to toy winding up (PSX) or a bell jiggling (Wii).


Gelg Bolm can spit out orange-yellow spores and expand them into large, spiked balls to hurl them at its enemies. It can also leap at a large height to body slam its opponents.


To defeat Gelg Bolm, you will need to catch a Moo and use the trampolines to get a high jump. Once Gelg Bolm is within your proximity, double jump to throw the Moo down at the boss. Hitting its armor will just make the Moo bounce off.



  • In the original game, Gelg Bolm had gold armor. In the Wii remake, that armor is replaced with faint brown armor with vines covering them.

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