Granny, also known as the Chieftess in the Wii remake, is the wise elder of Forlock, the tree village. She knows the legends and myths of Phantomile, including the legend of the Kingdom of Cress and how to get there.


Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

After Klonoa investigated the crash at Bell Hill, Granpa sent Klonoa to see Granny, the wise elder of Forlock who knew about the legend of the Moon Kingdom. Klonoa and Huepow sought out for Granny, leaving Granpa with the possession of the Moon Pendant. However, they both had to go to Jugpot in order to restore the water flow needed for the trees in Forlock to flourish and for the two heroes to make their way to Granny.

At the top of Forlock Village, Joka had tied up Granny to a pole, threatening to harm her if she didn't reveal anything she knew about the Moon Kingdom, to which Granny still refused. Before Joka could do her harm, Klonoa arrived, and Joka sent out a monster named Gelg Bolm to dispose them all. Gelg Bolm fell to the Dream Traveler's might, and Granny was released from her bonds. Granny then explained that she knew why Klonoa had come to see her, and told the two heroes about the Moon Kingdom and how to get there by means of the Temple of the Sun, Coronia.

Unfortunately, Joka appeared and revealed that he had eavesdropped on the conversation, now knowing the Moon Pendant's whereabouts before making his way to Breezegale. Klonoa realized that Granpa was in danger, and Granny quickly showed Klonoa a shortcut to the Wind Village, hoping for the best. Granny appeared again after Klonoa supposedly defeated Ghadius, celebrating his victory. When Nahatomb was resurrected, she took part in the final battle against the nightmare entity.