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Klonoa is a video game series created by Namco and Klonoa Works, as well as the name of the titular character of the series.


Setting and gameplay

The games are set in different worlds, though the primary and known ones are Phantomile and Lunatea. It revolves around Klonoa and how he, the Dream Traveler, must save whatever world he is in from utter peril. Along the way he makes new friends and enemies, some of them becoming reoccurring characters. The game itself was originally the first side scrolling 3D game. It is an adventure and puzzle type of game. The main gameplay feature involves using Klonoa's ring and "Wind Bullets" to inflate enemies, which can then be thrown at other objects or at the ground, giving him a boost upwards allowing him to double jump.


Klonoa as he appears in Namco x Capcom.


  • Klonoa: Klonoa is described as a "Dream Traveler", who is fated to travel to various places where the state of dreams is in danger.
  • Huepow: A mystical being that Klonoa found within the ring he discovered in the forest. He instantly became Klonoa's friend and became a source of power for his Wind Bullet. At the end of Klonoa: Door To Phantomile, they are separated. But every other game, they are reunited.
  • Ghadius: The spirit of Darkness. He was sealed away for attempting to rebel, but later escaped from this seal with the aid of Joka in order to exact his revenge on those who locked him away. Like the King of Sorrow, Ghadius believes that people should not forget about their darker emotions, and accept them as they do the light. Ghadius has been the most 'evil' character in the Klonoa series, and the only one who isn't working to achieve greater power, but only for the purpose of revenge. He is finally defeated, but not before shrouding the land in nightmares and reviving the ultimate nightmare, 'Nahatomb'.
  • Lolo: A priestess-in-training who first showed up in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. Like Huepow, she can transport inside Klonoa's ring to let him perform the Wind Bullet. Additionally, she makes appearances in Dream Champ Tournament and Klonoa Beach Volleyball. In Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, she plays the second most important role, after Klonoa, being invaluable help to him by allowing him to use his ring ability, and as motivational support. It is rumored that in the next Klonoa game for Wii, (Not the Door To Phantomile remake), Lolo, and her friend Popka, will be reunited with Klonoa again on their next adventure.
  • Janga: An insane cat, dressed in a long blue raincoat and a blue hat with a yellow star on it. In the place of hands, he has long, red poisoned claws, which he uses often. Known for murdering Guntz's father, as well as for poisoning Pango's son and Klonoa himself. Janga had seemingly no morals or conscience, and is possibly the most intimidating Klonoa villain, next to Ghadius. He apparently died after falling down a crater in the moon, though he appeared again in NamcoXCapcom. Despite being foul-mouthed, a murderer, a drinker and even a possible pedophile, he somehow became a fan favourite.
  • Garlen: A round man with a mechanical claw for a hand who sponsors the Dream Champ Tournament to find out who is the greatest hero in the land. Using magic invitations, he is able to teleport all the participants to his arena, and sends them one by to neighboring lands to take part in his competition. There is a darker side to this shady character...
  • Guntz: (Gantz outside Japan & Europe. Namco intended to downplay his usage of firearms.) Called the "Golden Killer", he is an adventurer who wields a large handgun and rides a motorcycle. He is Klonoa's ultimate rival, and will stop at nothing to outdo him at every occasion, including the tournament in Klonoa: Dream Champ Tournament.
  • Suiryu: A blue dragon who competes with Klonoa at the Southern Resort. Though he lacks any real formalities, he has actually been trained as a Knight before entering the tournament. As an expert swimmer, he feels that he has a natural edge in the competition. In fact, he has another identity hidden from other competitors.
  • Chipple: A boxing kangaroo who competes with gloves and a headguard that covers his eyes. He usually displays a positive attitude and encourages others to do the same. Although, he does happen to go into a depression fit when he fails to achieve a goal.
  • Joka: A maniacal clown. Often resorts to cheating and other underhanded tricks in order to win. Joka appeared in the first Klonoa game, Door to Phantomile, acting almost as a servant to Ghadius.
  • Popka: Lolo's talkative friend who resembles a dog with pointed features and a pair of green jewels for eyes. Popka is a character featured in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. He has also made appearances in Klonoa Beach Volleyball (released only in Japan and Europe) and Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament. Popka is a small beige dog with brown ears and legs, striped arms and a tufted pink/purple tail; one of his more characteristic traits is his green shattered glass eyes. Popka also wears a red bandana around his neck. His large and long arms allow him to fly and glide through the air, and in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's veil, he could be used by player 2, to give Klonoa an extra jump. First featured in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, Popka was used as a secondary character, noted as Lolo's friend and as relief comic relief. According to Klonoa Beach Volleyball, he was adopted by young Lolo as an abandoned puppy. Popka's quick-temper, talent for thievery and no-nonsense attitude seemed to clash with Lolo, who as a priestess-in-training, appeared slightly naive and rather prude-like in her actions.
  • King of Sorrow: The ruler of a kingdom that was supposedly ignored by the other kingdoms in Lunatea. He summoned Klonoa into Lunatea in order to help him. In the end however, the king decides to use Klonoa as a vessel for the pain he suffered in isolation, and was killed in the battle that resulted. Klonoa did, however, activate the bell in the kingdom of Sorrow so the king's legacy would live on, and people wouldn't ignore sorrow anymore. Also it is implied that the King of Sorrow was reincarnated in the end credits. This impression is given by a picture of an infant resembling the King of Sorrow in the arms of a high priestess.


The Klonoa series began in early 1997 in Japan and was critically well received by numerous gaming publications and magazines. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile was not only Klonoa's first adventure, but also one of the first PlayStation platformers to feature two-dimensional character artwork on a rendered, three-dimensional backdrop. This led to the creation of the phrase 2.5D to distinguish it between other games that either relied totally on one or the other. Since Door to Phantomile, several other games have employed this method. A remake of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile by the same name was released December 4th in Japan for the Wii console. It features completely revised graphics and voice acting, as well as many unlockable bonuses that were not in the original. These include new costumes, Mirrored Visions, and challenge areas.

180px-Klonoa Heroes screen

Klonoa fighting an enemy in Klonoa Heroes.

Klonoa's second appearance, Klonoa: Moonlight Museum was released solely in Japan for the Japanese-only WonderSwan handheld system in 1999. It is noteworthy for being Klonoa's first handheld appearance and his first fully two-dimensional one. Despite lacking the artful style of the first game, Moonlight Museum set the standard for the approaching Game Boy Advance titles like Klonoa: Empire of Dreams the following year. Though it was very similar in style and execution to the previous game, it was developed for the more sophisticated Game Boy Advance hardware and was also available in North America and Europe.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil was released for the PlayStation 2 with moderate success in 2001. It returned to the series' roots and had more in common with the original game than the other titles in the series. This game used a Cell shading method for the characters and also marked the first appearances of several prominent Klonoa characters, such as Lolo, Popka, Leorina and Tat. It has been stated in many game magazines that it is "The most underrated game of all time" and that it did not get as popular as it deserved. It is a very child friendly game, with a story line that they could easily understand, but at the same time had a lot more powerful message going through various points of the game which the older gamers would understand and enjoy. It's different types of gameplay includes a standard set of plat-former levels in the "2.5D" style, hover-boarding down snowy mountains and water-parks, time-attack challenges, puzzle solving, and epic boss fights, introducing the "360 degrees" system.

A third handheld title, Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament was released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan in 2002 with a heavily belated release in North America three years later. Utilizing the same game engine as Empire of Dreams, Dream Champ Tournament was a similar gaming experience that benefited from more sophisticated puzzles and featured a newer cast of supporting characters.

His sole sports title, Klonoa Beach Volleyball released for the PlayStation in Japan and later Europe, featured Klonoa and his friends in a unique version of volleyball. A North American version was never made.

Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal was released solely in Japan in late 2002. Taking a unique twist on the series, the game is an Action RPG, rather than a platformer and is played from a top-down perspective.

  • Klonoa and Guntz appear as a playable duo in Namco's cross-over RPG, Namco X Capcom. They retain similar moves from Klonoa Heroes. Joka, Janga and various varieties of Moos and Glibz also appear as a part of the game's enemies while Lolo and The High Priestess of La-Lakoosha appear as non-playable characters.


Shibuutenkoku Kaze no Klonoa is a comedy/slapstick Manga that, unlike the more serious tone from the videogame saga, features Klonoa as a good natured, yet clumsy kid obsessed with being a super hero. His attempts to make good deeds tend to fail or cause the opposite effect, due to his being overly enthusiastic, his habit of jump to conclusions and, sometimes, just because of bad luck.

His patient sidekick is a Moo, who is the postman of Breezegale. Garlen is the main villain, trying to scam or catch Klonoa but failing every time, making a fool of himself in the process.

The Manga borrows characters, villains and locations from most of Klonoa's games, but instead of following any canon personality or storyline, it simply puts Klonoa and Moo in lots of everyday situations that quickly snowball into huge confusions or spectacular (and painful) accidents.


Klonoa was designed by Yoshihiko Arai. Arai's first design, "Shady", had a shadow-like appearance. However, he felt that the lack of color did not seem tasteful, and dropped the design. His next design was created with cat eyes and long ears, as Arai felt that a person's eyes and silhouette are the features noticed when they are first met. He added a large hat and necklace to give the character a childlike and energetic quality. The design was kept and used for Klonoa.

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