Leptio the Flower Clown is a flower-clown like monster created by Leorina to fight Klonoa in the Kingdom of Joy, Joilant, but was also used as bait to gain data from Klonoa's ring.


He wears something like a green dress(but those could actually be leaves) that makes him look more like a plant. He has a stalk for a head, and of course, a daisy like flower on his head.


Being a comical enemy, Lepito has the ability to split himself into clones of himself to confuse his enemies. If the player hits the fake clone, the real original Lepito will be beamed by spotlight with the fake clones applauding him. He also has the ability to summon a spiked and armored, colorful wheel which can be used against him.


On the beggining of the battle, Leptio will split in four, and you have to hit the right one. The right one is the one that spins more than others. When you do hit him, he will fall and start rolling trough the whole area. For good time, it would be best to finish the first part of the battle without him getting up, which is very possible. In the second part, he will be surrounded by a spikey drum, and you have to hit him when he gets to the ground. He will again fall and start rolling, and you have to hit him from the opposite side of the arena. Few times like that and he's done.

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