Lunatea, in Klonoa Heroes, is an alternate universe to the Lunatea in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.

The Lands of Lunatea

  • Breezegale - This world takes place around the formerly quiet town of Breezegale that has recently been overrun by monsters. Klonoa begins his journey here, chasing Guntz who stole his good luck flower. Guntz then invites him to join forces, and Klonoa agrees.

(Breezegale is also known as "the Village of Wind" in Phantomile.)

  • Jugkettle Sea - An underwater world where Klonoa and Guntz meet a small fish-like creature named Karal, who informs them that his mother, Pamela, has gone insane after being exposed to the rays of the full moon and is terrorizing the nearby fishing village.

(Jugkettle is likely based on "the Kingdom of Water" Jugpot in Phantomile).

  • The Ruins of the Moon - Klonoa and Guntz make their way into an underground mine where several people are being held captive by a mysterious man. The two split up, Guntz using Klonoa as a decoy, during which he gets captured. Guntz finds Janga, a mad cat who is using the prisoners to harvest nightmares, whom he has a vendetta against. After he and Klonoa get thrown in a jail cell, they are released by Pango. Guntz runs off to chase Janga, and Pango (who is trying to find a cure for his sick son) joins with Klonoa.

(The Ruins of the Moon is called as "the Moon's (Ruins?)" in original Japanese version.)

  • The Sky Temple - A sacred temple where several priestesses live and worship the goddess Claire. Many monsters have since invaded, and it's up to Klonoa and crew to put a stop to them.

(The Sky Temple is probably from "the Kingdom of Tranquility" La-Lakoosha in Lunatea.)

  • Volk City - A city inhabited by the Volkies, a society of war-mongers who feel that only might makes right. Klonoa and the group must navigate through their labyrinthian city in order to put an end to the disturbance, and investigate a covert agenda about nightmares and the moon.

(Volk City is from "the Kingdom of Discord" Volk in Lunatea.)

Worlds near Lunatea

  • The Moon World - A world on the moon where the characters chase Janga, attempting to stop his plans once and for all.

(The Moon World is possibly from "The Moon Kingdom, Cress" from Phantomile)

  • Lunar Base - Garlen's mechanical base of operations filled with turning gears and maze-like passages.
  • Darkness of Nahatomb - A world of nightmares governed by Nahatomb, an evil being who uses the very dreams of people as his power source. He is the last thing standing between Klonoa and becoming a true hero.