Mobile Tank Biskarsh -resized-


Mobile Tank Biskarsh is a Volkan guard robot, and the third boss monster Klonoa encounters in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. The robot was created to protect the Bell of Discord from intruders in Volk Hall within the Kingdom of Volk, and identified Klonoa as an enemy.


Biskarsh encountered Klonoa, Lolo, and Popka in Volk Hall where the Bell of Discord resided. It saw them as intruders and battled against them, eventually falling to the Dream Traveler's might.

However, while Klonoa was making his way to the reactors in Volk City, Biskarsh resurfaced from underground, having survived its battle with the Dream Traveler. Now bent on destroying Klonoa, Biskarsh chased the Dream Traveler down through the warring and burning city. Eventually, when it seemed Biskarsh had cornered Klonoa between itself and an incoming train, Biskarsh was finally put of commission when it heavily collided with the train, damaging the locomotive in the process, while Klonoa was dangling below the tracks unharmed.



  • Biskarsh's name is spelled as "Biscarsh" in the soundtrack

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