The Music Box is an item in the Klonoa series that is generally unlocked after completing the Extra Vision(s) in each game. The Music Box lets the player listen to the game's music from the soundtrack. It includes Vision background music as well as character and boss themes. When a song finishes playing it automatically moves onto the next song on the track list.

Door to Phantomile

You get the Music Box from Lephise after completing the Extra Vision. Klonoa: Door To Phantomile's music box has 44 songs.

  1. Inquisitive Waltz
  2. Windmill Song
  3. Mine of Lights
  4. The Rongo Lango
  5. Ghadius Appears
  6. Grandpa's Chair
  7. Sad Forest Drum
  8. Melancholy Soldier
  9. Jugpot Falls
  10. Weeping Karal
  11. Mud Seadoph Blues
  12. Cursed Pamela
  13. Joka Mood
  14. Jugpot King Speaks
  15. Forlock Twist
  16. Railcar A Go Go
  17. Count Three
  18. Beats From Above
  19. Granny's Word
  20. I See.
  21. The Ruin's Air
  22. Blue Cave Echo
  23. Joka's Move
  24. Baladium's Drive
  25. Red Heat Coronia
  26. Nevertheless
  27. Dawn Over Dawn
  28. Dark Into Dark
  29. Out of Time
  30. No Jokes Allowed
  31. Facade
  32. Blade
  33. Untamed Heart
  34. Difficult To Say
  35. The Closing Encounter
  36. Quiet Choir
  37. Nightmare's On
  38. Wheel of Woe
  39. The Instrumentality
  40. Rapid Eyes Inside
  41. The Ring
  42. Song of Rebirth
  43. Balue's Tower
  44. Thankful Suite

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