Muzika (ムジカ) is a world famous soprano in Klonoa: Empire of Dreams from the town of Priamill. She became a monster and now sings awfully, to the discomfort of the residents. Beryll asks Klonoa to help Muzika return to normal, and he fights against her in the Opera House.

Muzika attacks by pulling two Moos from the background and flies slowly back and forth in the room. When hit in her belly, she spins around the room until for a while and goes to the center of the room. She returns to normal after being defeated.

Like Chipple, Muzika has no memories whatsoever of her doings while in her monster form. She only remembers singing a beautiful song for Beryll and the other spectators in her dream, but every time she tried to remember her music, a blue mist appeared.



  • Muzika's name is an obvious pun on music.