The Sea of Tears is the starting point of Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. This is where Klonoa was found by Lolo and Popka.


The Sea of Tears is located off the mainland of Lunatea. It consists of rocky crags and bridges forming a pathway to the center island, where a statue of Goddess Claire resides. The Sea of Tears is constantly stormy, except around the central island. Later on in the game, the Sea of Tears turns dark when Leorina uses the Elements to ressurect the Ishras Ark to open the path to the Kingdom of Sorrow. Afterwards, the Sea drains empty, revealing only the sandy sea floor. It is later returned to normal after Klonoa defeats the King of Sorrow.


Klonoa was recovered from the Sea of Tears by Popka and Lolo, who had heard of his arrival by the seer, Baguji.



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