Untamed Heart Klonoa Collective, previously Untamed Heart Forums is a fansite about Klonoa games. Currently, It's the biggest Klonoa related forum.


Untamed Heart founded by Aura24 on 8 August 2013. The first post is also made on the same day, click here to see the post. It was originally a ZetaBoards forum, but moved to a Standalone forum on 19 June 2014, click here to see the announcement.


Currently, forums section of the Untamed Heart is the biggest section of the Collective, because the website is originally created as a forum.

Currently, 200+ members are registered and 20000+ posts are made by users.

Projects and Events

Untamed Heart is hosting many Klonoa-related projects and events.

Here is a list of the most important projects:

  • Klonoa 3 Petition
  • Spirit's Klonoa 3 Fangame Project
  • Klonoa Heroes English Patch


Here is a list of staff members of Untamed Heart

  • Aura24
  • the_darai
  • Rupurudu!
  • mnstrmthd
  • Vincentmrl
  • Vokadae
  • NebulaVista

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